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Nurit Tal-Tenne

תיבת פנדורה עם יהודה רחנייב - נורית טל-טנא - 14.1.21

1974 – Born in Israel

Lives and works in Tel Aviv.IL

A contemporary independent Art curator and lecturer.

Author of the book "The Big Bear" (Haduba Hagdolla) – Talks about postpartum depression. Published by "Pardes" & "Adama".

1999-2002 - Social Sciences and humanities With distinction, B.A. degree, The open University.

2003-2005 - Art History M.A. degree, Tel Aviv University,IL.                                    

 2004-2005 - Research assistant, Prof. Moti Omer.


Museum exhibitions

Data Mining, Shahar Marcus ,MUSA, the Eretz Israel Museum, 2020.

Myth Meets Land Elie Shamir | Adi Nes, MUSA, the Eretz Israel Museum, 2019.

"Observation”- 80th anniversary since the establishment of the Avni Institute.             Works from the last decade. Among them: Adi Nachshon, Naama Atay,  Gali vispiner Abey, Avinoam Sternheim and more, Jaffa museum of antiquities ,2018.

"Say it's art? Dada 100 in Contemporary Israeli art". "Patiti" for cartography and dancer -Rina Sheinfeld, curator of the project, Janco Dada Museum, 2016.

"Sing our youth: David Ma’aravi"-The forgotten friend of Nachum Gutman from "Bezalel". Discovering and showcasing an estate of the artist David Ma’aravi, The Nahum Gutman Museum of Art, 2015.

"Pigs crisis", Tammy Mike Laufer,-digital drawing, Janco Dada Museum ,2011.

"The Dreams Museum", Yehuda Poliker, Janco Dada Museum, 2010.

Exhibitions in collaboration with Sotheby's 

"Dream of Guest and flight", Daniella Azoulay, sculptures and paintings, Sotheby's House Tel Aviv, 2015.

"The entire heart is a broken heart"- Daniella and Shai Azoulay, Sales exhibition, profits went towards a donation to the Tamar Association. An association for infants in negligence and emotional distress, 2012.

Auction exhibition for the A.L.S Association in collaboration with Sotheby's.                A variety of works by Israeli artists: Reuven Rubin, Moshe Kupferman, Dani Karavan, Yair Garbuz, Gidi Rubin, Jan Rauchwerger, Yigal Tumarkin, Menashe Kadishman, etc, Hertzelia Pituch ,2008.

Group exhibitions -  including many participants

Initiator and curator of the annual exhibition: "Artists of the Valley" in "Milk and Honey Festival".  Since 2013 until today, with the support of “Emek Yizrael” (Jezreel valley) Regional Council.  60 artists, including Yaakov Dorchin, Oded Hirsch, Eli Shamir, Chaya Gertz ran, Adi Nes  and more, as well Art Brut artist from "Kefar Tikvah" – an institution for people with special needs, 2013-2020.

"Art from Home"-workers and senior artists "Bank Hapoalim" – Annual exhibition.      Curator of the exhibition for 5 Years ,2013-2018, for ‘Bank Hapoalim’, Tel-Aviv.  The exhibition presented about 400 works and includes around 100 participants. The exhibition was presented in the management building and spread across four floors, Participants include: Aviva Shai-Nachum, Uzan Frank, and others.                             Major works include: the "Art of House", 2015 in the sign of income from the sale of the works for the project  "Adopt a warrior”and "The decade exhibition" marking 70 years for the State of Israel. 

Selected Group Exhibitions

"Hair" - Kfar Saba artists. including: Eti Yaffe, Niva Har Segur, Nitza Laufer, Ronit Snapir, Tzipi Biran and more, Kfar Saba,2019.

"Over the breast and bottles-breastfeeding"'. Supported by the Rabinovich fund. Under the auspices of Mrs. Liora Lagner, the chairman of the Naamat (Jaffa-Tel-Aviv). Participating: Edith Fisher-Katz, Yael Shachar, Carmit Turgeman, Meital bar Natan, Mirit Cohen Caspi, Noa Tzedaka, Smadar Lomnitz, Raleigh Smith and Osnat Yaffe-Zimmerman, Rauma Zohar Animals, Shira Gepstein Moshkovitz, Shira Richter, Sari Golan. The exhibition article relies partly on the research of Dr. Gal Ventura. Naamat House, Bavli neighborhood, Tel Aviv,2018.

"Bedtime Stories-designers from fairy tales and children's stories"- Participants: Naama Bezalel, Yaron Minkowski, Sasson Kedem, Lara Rosovsky, Maor Tzabar, Wolf Foundation, Raleigh Smith and Osnat Yaffe-Zimmerman, Natalie Prolov and more. The Farm Gallery, Hulon, 2017.


"BANANA BUNKER" in Berlin, formerly a Soviet prison, a government fruit warehouse, which won the nickname "Banana-bunker" and now found his vocation – to populate a magnificent collection of art. Participants: David Tartakover, Doron Rabina, Shahar Marcus, Anat Greenberg, Anat Maoz, Moran again, Sarit Achtenberg, Lior Shorchbert Shachar, Moriah Behar and the Indian artist Chansave in Noga.       Zadik Gallery, 2016.


“Wings” - 18 Israeli and international filmmakers: artists, designers and chefs who engage in the image of wings. Artists: Arie Berkovich, Buki Shiff, Daniella Kofler, Tal Tene Chicix, Yuval Noble, Yuval Uhn, Moti Mizrahi, Mira Baylor, Sergey Onin, Ofra Friedman, Zvika Kantor, Wolf Foundation and Shlomi Nissim.

 Chefs: Osama Dalal, Yisroel Aharoni, Nana Schreyer, Shaul Ben-Aderet, Shmil Holland. Express another reference to the "The Wings", as a unique piece that does not actually stem from the culinary territory. The Farm Gallery, Hulon, 2015.



“Warm House"- Describes exploitation and abuse of children in the family. " Participants: Gad Epotker, David Aashiq, Yael Balaban, Noa Ben-Nun Melamed, Chaya Gertz ran, Melli de-Kalo, Nurit Yarden, Guy Cohen, Sheharei Batia, Celia Kby Tong, Sharon Rashbi,  Dr. Andrei Sharf, poet and author, said that his service involved sexual and family violence, and Eran David Bdinri-musician and writer, experiences abuse in his childhood, presents sound work. Beit Mairov. Hulon, 2014.


"Mo-thers - Postpartum Depression" - 11 Artists: Noa Tzedaka, Psi Gersh, An Ben or, Tali Ben Best, Meital Katz Minrabo, Ayelet Hashachar Cohen, Yael Yudkavik, Miri Nishari, Shira Richter, Rakefet Wiener Omer.  Catalog: Non-Essence, Exhibition On Postpartum Depression, Published by Gerstein Gallery, 2011.


Art sale exhibition for Alima Rita - at the "Midrash" Gallery. The sale featured leading artists who donated their works and sale proceeds went towards funding the catalog for artist Alima Rita, a catalog accompanying her retrospective exhibition, which was held at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, 2009.


"Mask-Identity"- Participants: Hagit Shacham, Ahmad Canaan Eti Naor, Einan A'en Cohen, Ehud Oren, Tami Suez and more. Gebo Gallery, 2007.


"Wate-Life"-19 artists. Participants: Shimon Avni, Nitzan Hammerman, Zohar Cohen, , etc. The Bat-Yam Art Institute, 2005.


Single Exhibitions

The attacks (Hitkarnefut)"- Daphne Revs, Photography & Video, Praise Photography Lab, Tel Aviv, 2020."

"The Fertility Deity"- Sigal Yaar, a courageous artist displaying her journey to conceive her 3rd child, Tova Osman Gallery, 2019.

Haya, Tova Pesach, Artist House Rishon Lezion, 2018.

"I Was Dead To Be a Painter" (1980-2018) - Retrospective Exhibition. Painter and Writer Rachel Alkalay, Atists House, TA, 2018.

"Dance" - Rina Sheinfeld – considered the First Lady of Israeli Modern Dance"- Retrospective exhibition.  A chronological look at the development of her work, with emphasis on major chapters in her life and work, with reference to various influences, artistic and external, biographical, musical, artistic, social and other connections. Among the artists: Uri Lifshitz, Mula I picked up, Ruth French, Moshe Sternsus and more.  The Artists House, TA, 2017. with the support of Mifal Hapayis.

"The Future of Your Future"- Tova Pesach, ready made, Drawing ,Painting, Gallery P8, 2016.

"Memories in the Heart" - Josie Katz, Life-Based Episodes, Neve Schechter Gallery, Tel Aviv, 2014.

"Coming from the Father" - Smadar Lumenitz, animation, painting, installation and sound. Studio / Artist House Space. Supported by Mifal Hapayis, Ramat Gan, 2013.

"Naked Model" - Ronit Yudkiewicz, sound and mixed technique, Art Gallery 121, Tel Aviv, 2012.

"Before-after / before-after" - Hadas Levy, drawing, Mika Gallery - Israeli Art, Tel Aviv, 2012.

"Piece of Cake" - Dalit Gilboa, photo, Tzadik Gallery, Jaffa, 2012.

"Riders in the Wind" - Metal Works and Paint, Dudu Gerstein in "Bicycle Magazine" in Partnership with, Love for Children of Alin Hospital, Gerstein Gallery, (2010), Catalog: Riders in the Wind, Cordoba Printing, 2010.

"What do you want from me"- Ziv Peleg Ben-Ze'ev, video installation and sculpture, Artist Studio, Tel Aviv, 2010.

"Ancient Anecdotes" - Dorit Sapir, drawing, Efrat Gallery, Tel Aviv, 2010.

"Forgotten Kibbutz collective heroism"- Ilan Segev, photo, Grain barns and watchtowers, as part of the 100th anniversary of the kibbutz, Artist's House, Tel Aviv, 2010.

"Family Layers"- Ilan Segev, photography, Roots Gallery, Tel Aviv, 2009.

"Naked Trapped" - Ron Eigner, Gal-On Gallery, Tel Aviv, 2009

"Riddles" - Iris Baram Atias, painting, Ehrlich Gallery, Tel Aviv, 2009.

"Snow in the Dead Sea" - Baruch Shaham, Photography and video, Artists' House, Tel Aviv, 2008.

"Feet in the Air" - Ziv Peleg Ben-Ze'ev, installation, video art, sculpture and drawing, Ehrlich Gallery, Tel Aviv, 2008.

"Journey in the Material" - Nirit Levev-Packer, iron sculpture and mixed technique, Roots Gallery, Tel Aviv, 2007.

"Scenic Landscapes" - Sharon Prof.Rashbam, Painting, The Sokolov House of Journalists, Tel Aviv, 2007.

"Fields of Action" - Ora Brill, Painting, "Alternative" Gallery, Jaffa, 2007.

"Untitled" - Dudi Dayan, photography and video art, "Alternative" Gallery, Jaffa, 2007.

Prima Gallery - 2007 - 2014, Initiated the opening of the Prima Gallery, Prima Hotel, Tel Aviv.During the period, curated about 50 single and group exhibitions and some of them are:

"24/7 Contemporary Futurism", Eyal Radbinowitz, 2010                                                  "Julia," Michael Sagi, Painting and Print, 2012
"Childhood Secrets", Meirav Greenberg, Photo, 2012
"Things I Feel", Nuli Omar, Mixed Technique, 2012
"Don't", Yoav Brenner, Painting and Object, 2011
"Particles of Enlightenment", Orna Ben-Shoshan, painting, 2011
"Trans format – light", Amit Erez, Photography, 2010
"The Chastity of the Almond", Nurit Shani, drawing, 2009
"Human footprints", Abigail El Dror, Photography, 2007
"Full grain sand", Meira Tadmor, Mandela painting, 2008
"Autumn", Ora Brill, Rachel Alkalay and Sarit Gora, painting, 2008
"Untitled", Ilana Gal, drawing, 2007.                                                                            Hills like sheep", Mary Dotan, drawing, 2009

"Sea to the Window", Orit Gaffney, Digital Media, 2010                                                 "Archival Texture", Ivan Munital, Painting, 2009

"Imprint", Lior Dayan, painting, 2008
"Drawing in Iron," Ze'ev Klein, Sculpture, 2011 

"Robot, technological, place not here"- Tzach Schiff, painting, The New Gallery at the Bat-Yam Art Institute, The first inaugural exhibition of the Gallery. 2006.

2007- Art writer and essays at the "contact"” Magazine of Photography and Digital Media. And also at "Acbar Haeir"  the newspaper, 2010.

2004- Art Critic at "Hatzafon Radio" Radio station Northern Israel.

2002-2004 - Art instructor at the Ramat Gan Museum of Israeli Art.

2000-2002- Assistance of Harry Baron, Founder and Head of the Israeli Sculptors Studio.

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